We are Star-light remembering how to shine.

Dianic Tradition
online mentoring program

This is an female-only mentoring program providing the theoretical and practical fundamental knowledge of Dianic Tradition for both solitary and group practice.

online course

This course provides practical and theoretical knowledge to develop a spiritual path of dedication to the Light-bringer Goddess Diana, learn about Herstory, manifestations and integrate Her energies, and divine inspiration, of wholeness, truth and sovereignty.

Coming soon.

Bast, She of the ointment jar
online course

During this online workshop we will deepen our knowledge and relationship with the Feline Goddess Bast and learn about Sacred perfumery for blessing, protection and self-empowerment.

Sacred female Medicine wheel
online course

A journey thought the moon phases to discover their energy and experience your sacred Medicine wheel via the 13 Archetypes of female initiation.

Venenorum Genii
online course

A course to connect with the Spirit of poison plants – Aconite, Belladonna, Datura, Henbane and Opium Poppy – to discover and receive their Medicine and wisdom.

Coming soon.

Herbaria occulta
online course

This course provides theoretical and practical knowledge of occult herbalism, planetary and elemental influences and correspondences, and the use of plants for magical, spiritual and ritual purposes.

Coming soon.

The Spirit of Plants
online course

This course provides knowledge and practical techniques to connect and form partnerships with Plant Spirits for healing, guidance and personal development.

Coming soon.

I had a training day with Cristina and it was just amazing! Her way to teach and share what she knows is remarkable! She is very attentive to others and her energy is a blessing. I learnt many things and I am very glad I’ve met her!

— V.

The Dianic Tradition mentoring program has been a journey within myself. Unlike other paths, the shadow-self is experienced in a natural way, as integral to our own being, and Cristina has a non-judgemental approach which is very rare to find.

— E.

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