As holistic practitioner and polymath professional I am aware of the different interconnected layers which make us.
And for the whole you are meant to be I offer my skills and availability.


I offer both online and in person mentoring, courses and classes to help people reconnecting with, and evolve into, the spiritual dimension of life and their sacred-Self.
I am also available as guest speaker for conferences and events.



My consultation service aims to help women to reach a deeper knowledge of themselves, of their spiritual needs and sacred mission, and/or a state of balance and wellbeing through the power of Plant Spirits. Session consists of 1h video call in which I will be able to listen and assist within the available time.

Oracular guidance


I offer remote tarot and oracle reading to be performed via video call. A session consists of 1h in which you will be able to ask as many questions you wish within the available time. Card interpretation will provide the information necessary for your spiritual development or guidance on the matter of your interest.


Restoring and maintaining the balance of the auric field, allowing energy to flow freely, is the core of the healing process itself, and a way to prevent energy unbalances to manifest on the physical body. As Plant Spirit Healing practitioner I offer a range of treatments to suit your specific needs.

Healing Garden

Gardens open the mind to beauty, peace and quietness, inducing a sense of well-being and leading to a general health improvement. There are several reasons why a garden is able to ‘heal’, but are mainly the aesthetic and sensory aspects (colors, shapes, scents) that allow particular kind of green spaces, called Healing Gardens, to carry out their therapeutic task.

Occult botanica

In Lumine Lunae is specialized in creating and selling handmade occult perfumery and esoteric supplies for spiritual practices and vibrational healing with a particular focus on female spirituality.
My products are envisioned and made with natural ingredients, intention, occult knowledge and in co-partnership with plants spirits. 

Cristina is a polymath and a person (and healer) of integrity and compassion. She has helped me greatly as a healer to facilitate my journey to wellbeing. Thoroughly recommend her services.

— J.

Through Cristina I experienced a wonderful heart connection and healing of my energy system. I left feeling strong and enthused. To be supported by her balancing treatment and her handmade essences and sprays is an opportunity I recommend. She is genuine and very wise.

— R.

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