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One of the purpose of my life journey as spiritual being in a female embodiment is to be a channel and a voice for the conscious Light. I have been called to guide and create enlighten moments where women can reconnect with the absolute, heal, experience sacredness, develop awareness and the clarity to see and walk their own path.

In 2014 I have been ordained Priestess into the Dianic Tradition by the Temple of Diana (USA non-profit and tax-exempt federally recognized Temple, co-founded by Ruth Barrett and Falcon River in 2001), affirming my dedication to female wisdom and awakening by supporting women and their spiritual needs.

The Dianic Tradition is an initiatic gynocentric path based on female blood mysteries and women’s creative power. Its practices and rituals are developed mainly through the physical, spiritual, cultural and social experience of womanhood from birth to death. The main purpose of this spiritual path is to set women free from patriarchy and re-empower themselves via connecting with the Divine within.
Dianics believe and honour the Goddess – Great Mother – of ten thousand names, conceived as Cosmic Womb, the primordial creative Light as matrix of being.

Dianic Tradition
online mentoring program

This is an female-only mentoring program providing the theoretical and practical fundamental knowledge of Dianic Tradition for both solitary and group practice.

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