Be arrow.
Focus through your will.
Feel with your heart.
Reach yourself, again.

The path to self-sovereignty is a journey within the darkness of the self, guided by our inner light.
A path of healing, a path of self-discovering and transmutation toward wholeness.

My name is Cristina, I am a Dianic Priestess, certified Plant Spirit Healing practitioner and esoteric herbalist, and I am here to help you shining from within.


My aim is helping women to reach a state of wholeness and self-sovereignty, and reconnect with their inner fire. I do so by using different tools, such as female spiritual belief and practices, occult knowledge, divine guidance, channelling, intuition and plant spirit shamanism.

I offer consultation services, divination, mentoring, teaching and holistic treatments.

May you fiercely shine in beauty, truth and freedom.

Dianic female spirituality.

One of the purpose of my life journey as spiritual being in a female embodiment is to be a channel and a voice for the conscious Light. I have been called to guide and create enlighten moments where women can reconnect with the absolute, heal, experience sacredness, develop awareness and the clarity to see and walk their own path […]

Plant Spirit medicine.

Spirit is the vital principle held to give life, it animates physical organisms and implies intelligence, consciousness and sentience.
From an indigenous and shamanic perspective there is a Great Spirit, Universal Consciousness, an unified field, as well as individual Spirits existing in all living things […]

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Handmade occult perfumery and esoteric supplies for spiritual practices and vibrational healing with a particular focus on female spirituality.

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